Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend in GA

One of my best friend's, Miss Lucille, had an Around the Clock themed shower in GA this past weekend. This was the very very fun and creative show cake! My assigned time was 9pm and knowing how much Luc loves her nightly baths, I got her a towel set and a shower poof! hehe. The apps were delish and a favorite was the above cornbread/ham/cheese sammy. Since there were a few kiddos at the shower, they hostesses made some gourmet pigs in a blanket hehe.
This is the view outside Luc's house! She wakes up and lets the dogs out and gets to see horses! She and her fiance live on 5 acres of land out in the country in GA! Aren't the horses cute with their coats on? ha.
This is miss Gracie the Boston Terrier. When Luc and Greg met, they both had Boston Terriers - they were meant to be! This is my friend waking me up in the morning - check out those ears! In college we would take Gracie for a walk on campus but because she was so small as a pup and because it was cold in the mountains - she would "ride" in our coats and we would walk LOL.
On my way home I went to a fireworks store for sparklers for Luc's wedding! This was my second time at a store but my FIRST time by myself! And in the winter! LOL I was needless to say, the only shopper. lol

And THIS is where Luc is getting married in March! Can't wait!

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