Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sit, Stay, Good!

We had a really really busy week this past week! We celebrated Valentines Day on Sunday evening with a great dinner at Custom Shop on Elizabeth Street in Charlotte. Monday we went to the Bobcats v Lakers NBA game where the Bobcats won and Kobe Bryant went home sad.Then on Tuesday we met up with my dad and step mom for the UNC basketball game - always a good time!
And then we had puppy training over the weekend. Check out how far down the PetsMart isle Brees will sit and stay!
Brees and Dave working on her skills with the other doggies in class. You can't even see the mini doberman pincher that is behind Brees lol.
And then - thanks to the warm 75 degree weather this weekend, Dave cleaned the patio and brought out our cute little red Coleman grille! We made grilled eggplant for me and chicken shish kabobs for him!

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