Friday, February 4, 2011

The NEW and favorite Lancome FLASH bronzer

So I have told you before about my Flash Bronzer by Lancome that I have sworn by for the past 4 years as the must-have bronzer that gives you just the right glow! Well, they don't make it anymore. BUT they do make an even better and improved version that includes bronzer, SPF 15, moisturizer and anti-age cream! WHOA. That is tons of good stuff in one bottle! I ordered mine today :) $38. IF you do want to buy this, buy it online because you can type in coupon code MISSYOUJAN and get 3 products worth $48 (two mascaras and night cream) for free! I cannot wait until my order comes in as I am tired of being Casper and would love to have a healthy sunny glow about me without the scary scary (and terribly horrible and skin cancer causing and should be banned from America) tanning bed!

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