Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blue Valentine

We checked out this movie even after being warned by a friend that it was quite depressing for any couple to watch. It was depressing but it was also interesting. Michelle and Ryan have flashbacks throughout the morning to explain their relationship and also to explain their depression within their relationship. Ryan plays a drunk husband with no ambitions. Michelle plays a wife who is the bread winner working as a nurse. Oh and they have a daughter - you see her but she doesn't play a huge role in the movie because it is more focused on the relationship of the husband and wife - what they were and what they are now. I think that Ryan should get an award. He played a good weird gross loser.

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  1. Scott and I saw this when we were in Austin, TX two weeks ago on a mini-vacation - I agree, super good but super depressing, especially as a newlywed, to see a marriage fall apart. I thought both Ryan G and Michelle W were amazing in it!