Thursday, February 24, 2011

MIL visit!

My mother in law came to visit us last weekend. It was a quick visit but we did a WHOLE lot. We were non-stop and it was so so fun to have her with us! She brought this super cute Valentines present for Dave and I too! Check out these adorable Macaroons from Sucre in New Orleans! Oops looks like one is missing - hehe! They pink ones were strawberry flavored. My MIL told us that they had lavendar, ivory, mint green, and really nice pastel colors available too. Also in her Valentine were some fabulous gift enclosure cards with my new initials and some return address labels which we definitely needed especially after she pointed out that our stamp had a typo LOL.
While she was in town she got us this awesome house warming gift! A gorgeous lamp from pottery barn!
She is really great at decorating so I saved rug-hunting for the weekend that she was going to be in town with us. After a long search and some heart break, we finally found the rug that our hearts had been set on all weekend long! We also got the brown and red pillows too! Obviously Brees girl does not mind the new additions at all! Dave loved the brown pillows as they aren't as decorative but more for comfort instead.
And lastly, I got this before the MIL visit because I had seen a friend's shower curtain that was from Walmart and since I had been on the hunt and hadn't had luck - I went there and checked out what they had to offer. And voila! I found this ADORABLE curtain that matches our green towels from PB and the bath mat that Dave got us at BBB! Love it!

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