Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow and Ice

So today is day 2 of being at home due to winter weather... having a little cabin fever but I must say, Brees keeps me on my toes and off the sofa! Yesterday we got about 4 or 5 inches of snow and then last night we had ice which is of course, the worst. Our sidewalk and parking lot is like a skating rink. It's so funny taking Brees out and seeing our neighbors fall on their rear or brees skate across the sidewalk! I got a lot done yesterday... made a to-do list and everything. And our friends Christy and Billy brought us wine last night so that was nice to have with it being so chilly out! So today I am going to get some things accomplished as well... I have to make some phone calls to change my name and get ready for my class that start tomorrow night (hopefully)... I also need to finish my book, The girl who played with fire, it is taking me forever to read and I even have the last book already! I guess it is more of an in depth read, a "smart read" in comparison to the girly books I usually read which I breeze through! Anyway, Happy Snow Day from NC!

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