Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Bachelor

Love Miss Emily from Charlotte... sound like someone else you know?? Haha! I actually met her at my work in August. She and her daughter were both so sweet and I couldn't believe it when I saw her on the show! I hope she makes it to the final two - I feel that she is a genuine, shy but totally sweet girl that needs a happy ending. If she doesn't make it to the final two, I hope that she is the next Bachelorette.
Love love love Jackie! And her Date was amazing! It was the "pretty woman" date where he took her to a hotel where there was a suite with ball gowns, shoes and makeup artists all for her! Then Neil Lane jewelry! What a way to get to a girl's heart! I really like Jackie because she is NORMAL, not dramatic, sweet and smiley!

The not at all favorites...
Oh dear, this girl is a hot mess... how is she supposed to marry Brad when she has the shakes and says "thank you" over and over to him when she finally gets a second to talk to him!?
Can.not.stand.this.girl. I doubt she will make a single friend on this show because she is like the plague, always complaining and ruining special moments. Michelle, I thought at first that I would like her, because as you see, she is wearing quite a fabulous necklace in this photo. However, she is the biggest most selfish brat on this season's The Bachelor. If she wanted it to be "me me me" all the time, she should not have come on the show!


  1. Oooh cool!! I like Emily, too! That's so fun that you met her! She seems like she deserves good things, I just hope that Brad the Bachelor has really grown up and is ready to be serious this time!

    And agree, love Michelle's necklace - but everything else is not good!

  2. Emily! I started a new blog!!!! Come see mine! Now I can finally keep up with you again!

  3. I'm so hooked on the Bachelor. From Charlotte, so Emily is a favorite too! I have my top 10 reasons why I think Brad deserved a 2nd chance listed on my blog!