Sunday, December 19, 2010

A movie Saturday

Dave and I saw three really good movies this weekend...
We went to the artsy theatre near our house to see 127 hours which is about the guy who had to cut off his own arm when a boulder fell on it while he was hiking. After 127 hours stuck and near death, he cut the arm off and got free. It is all about his battle. What went through his mind. Thoughts leading up to his impending death. His different ideas on trying to move the heavy boulder. His hallucinations and the things he had to do like drink his own urine (ew) to stay alive. He also had a video camera with him and documented everything.
This movie was SO cute! Christina Applegate plays Drew Barrymore's sister and Justin Long players her long distance romance interest. They are super cute together - especially since they have dated off and on for a few years. Drew looks great in the movie, so skinny and had a great stylist for hair and wardrobe! The movie was super cute - Dave and I watched it 'on demand'.
This movie was action packed. This is about a town in Boston called Charlestown. It is a town that is full of drugs and robberies. So this movie was about a group of bank robbers. Ben Affleck directed and wrote the movie. It was intense but so so good!!! I would totally recommend seeing it. This we watched on demand as well.

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  1. We watched "The Town" on demand this weekend, too! It was really good!