Saturday, December 18, 2010

Happy Weekend!

It's only a few days until Christmas... can you believe it?!

Dave and I have been hitting up holiday parties all week long and after a BIG night on Thursday... were given Friday by both our jobs as a "hang over day". It was much needed.

We are pretty much finished with our Christmas shopping. I have one run to make today and then we will be officially DONZO. It's so nice knowing that next week I only have to be at work for two days and then we will have a nice looooong vacation with family :)

I am still waiting to hear back from school as far as my grades go.... I am thinking right now (knock on wood) that I will have an A and a B (this in math because well, if I got an A in math, I just wouldn't be me!)

So today on the to-do list:
1. Find out what happened to my second order of Christmas cards
2. Found out what happened, gave them incorrect address (crap.)
3. Figure out this whole last name change business - what to do next now that I have gotten my new SS card
4. Last Christmas Shop Stop - of course I can't post where and who this is for! My family reads my blog people!! lol
5. Make gifts for work - this year I am making homemade salsa, jarring it, and delivering with some chips!
5. Pick up something for dinner tonight - might make it something easy and fun orrr might break out the crock pot and make something for both tonight AND tomorrow night - saves me the trouble!
6. Pick up champagne and OJ for our friend's Christmas Open House Brunch tomorrow at noon
7. I have been waiting to get to the Nine West shoe outlet for months now. I desperately need a pair of flats (at the outlet they run between 19.99-29.99 bucks!!! :) and sometimes its buy two get one free!) I also need a pair of black boots... and maybe some gray flats or ankle boots.
8. Need to also purchase a pair of gloves for the Mountain house. Apparently, we will have snow and a lot of other fun winter elements to encounter! Having a puppy... we will be outside ALOT
9. Write a thank you note to my sweet god mother who sent us a Pottery Barn gift card for Christmas
10. Send a thank you note for our Cuisinart Blender that was sent to us as a Wedding Present this week.

Wish me luck! ;)

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