Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Shopping... Finds for Meeee! (hehe)

So, we finally headed to the mall yesterday for some Christmas shopping! And we are now FINISHED.

Now, if only Amazon would send my my uncle's presents that I ordered over a week ago and Snapfish would send me my extra Christmas cards (that were supposed to be here last Wednesday!!!)

While at the mall we saw the loooong line of kiddos waiting to see Santa. Of course, I being very PMSy this week, start tearing up, not once, but twice. lol Terrible.

This was my first time at Ann Taylor since LAST CHRISTMAS and now I am obsessed with their 2010 winter clothes! I would go for any of their looks!

We also went to the Fossil Store. I know everyone relates watches to this store but they have the BEST winter clothes. Last year that is where Dave got my Christmas gifts and at the time, I didnt even know they sold clothes! They also have fabulous purses! And on their website you can download VERY cute desktop wallpapers for Christmas :) Their photos wouldn't copy so here are some items that I liked....

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