Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wedding Events!

During the week of the wedding we were busy busy with tons of fun events leading to the big day!Tea at Windsor Court! Notice the 'Sorority Squat" in the front!
Annnnd ... the Bachelorette party that I don't remember! We ran into the guys at Pat O'Brien's and yes Dave's dad was there for the party! hehe
Lucille made me this fabulous veil for the night! Elly was on veil-duty all weekend!
Bridesmaids Luncheon at Commander's Palace thrown by my Aunt Leslie! It was absolutely delish and we enjoyed all the ladies being together!
Me and my bridesmaids - if i look a bit tired, it's because the Bachelorette was the night before....and I didn't remember it! LOL
The bridesmaids and I before getting my dress on and heading to the Pavilion. We stayed at a suite in the Ritz and it was a-mazing!!! :)


  1. such fun memories. Well some of us have more of a memory of it than others. haha! we got the sorority squat down