Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Our Hawaii Honeymoon

Here are some pictures from our Hawaiian honeymoon in Maui :) This first picture is at Mama's Fish House where my parents and family ate 27 years ago!! We took a picture for my aunt and uncle who were there 27 years ago (I was in my mom's belly on that vaca :))
Gorgeous Hippie Beach - lots of surfers
Black sand beach
Pic from the Luau with my hubby
Dave's derby horse ;) Gettin no where...fast! LOL
LOVED me some umbrellas and pina coladas! I heart frozen drinks!
Dave took this from the resort's pool
Great pic Dave took looking back at the resort
On top of the volcano! It was windy and a big chilly
Haha they have really happy license plates there
LAVA FLOW... my favorite beverage from the vacation!
Dave arranged for champagne...
....and roses!

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  1. Looks fabulous! And that Dave . . . very romantic! Life has been busy--I still need to blog about our New Orleans trip. We had so much fun and your wedding was unforgettable. Aren't you just loving the newlywed life--I bet y'all are having a blast!