Friday, July 23, 2010

We are MOVING!

Well, only down the street about 1.5 miles... but still! We are moving into a townhouse in a great neighborhood full of young couples and fun doggies! We have friends coming over tomorrow morning to help us out - lucky them, tomorrow is going to be 99 degrees! We really have great friends and will have to take them out to lunch after all the hard work tomorrow!! I am thrilled to finally be getting out of our one bedroom, one bath apartment. In this new place I will have a laundry room upstairs, an attic, a patio, a disposal, and well... so so many perks! Even a breakfast bar! :) We really have been missing out over the past two years, havent we? And I am certain there is an ice maker... we havent had one of those either! LOL. I know we will miss our little place but it will be nice to be able to have people over for dinners and have the option of sitting at our dining room table or out on the patio... intead of sitting on couch #1 or couch #2! LOL Needless to say, with the move, class, work and the wedding, we've been a tad tied up this week! Not to mention - I am totally engrossed in my new book, Emily Giffin's Where the Heart Is! LOVE IT.
Have a happy weekend! :)

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