Monday, July 26, 2010

Life Update!

So first of all - I finished reading Emily Giffin's Book, The Heart of the Matter, and it was AWESOME. I finished it in a week, reading every night! It was really great and I totally recommend it to you heavy readers out there! Now I am reading Bethenny Frankel's two books, Skinnygirl Dish and Naturally Thin. Her recipes sound wonderful and I am hoping to get a new outlook on my eating habits because let's be honest, Bethenny has an AMAZING body, I totally admire her!

We moved into our new place over the weekend - the HOTTEST WEEKEND EVER. But.. we made it! We have gone through a roller coaster of emotions too. That and tons of fatty fast food. Oh yes and the wedding is only a few 68 days away... EEK! Anyway, back to the move. We really have too much stuff. I have my mom/dad's old furntiure, my baby stuff, my mom's stuff... Dave is a natural pack rat at heart.... and put those two things together and we basically are your average Hoarders! Our friend Billy said he was going to call TLC and put us on the show, GREAT! So we have been dealing with getting rid of furniture and bringing other pieces in from storage. I freaked some over registering but then realized that when I get a new "something" (toaster, rug, etc)... I can replace the old "somethings" and donate them to Good Will or Habitat! It's all about replacement and now I have realized that - fshew. As far as decorating the new place - we are far from thinking about it right now. I think we are still realizing our style and I hope that by going out and registering in the next few weeks that we will find our style to help us decorate the living room! I have got the bath, kitchen and bedroom covered! :)

All in all, things are going well and we are moving forward... fast. We love the new place and its spaciousness. I think my favorite part so far are the nice neighbors that we have met while moving in! Everyone is our age, lots of couples and cute dogs! :)

Another favorite thing is that we are getting DVR! At our old place we got 70 channels on the basic cable plan... $14 and yep, no DVR. What we didn't realize was that we were getting a deal because in reality $14 really gets you 12 channels. We realized that yesterday after we had our cable installed. Guess we were playing the system at our old place! Ha! But the good in this new plan is that we get DVR! YAY!! I havent had it in two years and am so tired of rushing home after class to watch a show that starts at 8... or even falling asleep before my bravo shows come on at 10! This is really going to be fun, Yay for DVR!

Hope you had a good weekend!

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  1. I'm reading "Heart of the Matter" right now. So far, so good. I've read "Naturally Thin" and it's a good one. She's very straight forward about eating and offers some great ways to look at food. I think you'll like it. And...just you wait on the DVR...I've had one since moving to Raleigh and will never-ever not have one!!