Friday, July 16, 2010

Food = Enemy.

For some reason, this past week, I have not been able to stop eating. I think about eating all time. It's unbelievable.

I mean really... this week I have had so many horrible things for my wedding body... for example: Heath Bar Blizzard from DQ, White Pizza from Fuel, Starbucks, 3 packs of Pop Tarts at work, and Sodas galore... I feel horrendous. My jeans barely fit and I am completely uncomfortable. Not to mention, I made it to the gym like 3 times. ARGH. So....

Back to the basics. In college I had the best body I had ever had. So... maybe I should revert to eating some of the things I became accustomed to... and exercising too of course...

1. high fiber cereal and ff milk although i did really really like raisin bran crunch. i was a cereal junkie

2. snacks of bananas, apples, yogurt, pretzels, or a cereal bar

3. no sodas or coffee

4. h20 all the time.

5. salads for dinner with ff vinaigrette

the things I have become used to are peanut butter (never ate that in college)... nuts... soy... dark chocolate... wine... eating out... etc. All things I never ate or did a lot in college because... i was underage, i didn't have money to go out to eat, and i had never heard of soy or dark chocolate and the only nuts i liked were the ones in trail mix which i learned early on was a HUGE HUGE thing to avoid because it seriously is addictive.

Ok so this is plan and i have got to stick to it. I remember in college I would only eat things that contained like 2 grams of fat AT THE MOST... and never over. Heck I would replace the crackers in the tuna packs with saltines so save calories!

Here comes the bride, all fat and wide... OMG, i have got to stop it!!



  1. Oh, no! I have those weeks, too, don't worry - but as long as you keep them to a week and not more, usually they only take a week to undo the damage :) I still am thinking about doing a cleanse - did you keep the weight you lost off after you went off it? Just a couple more months for both of us!

  2. LOL. i always have the BAD week but then, like you say, go back to being good again! i never let it get too far... without a plan to get back in action! lol. i would definitely recommend the cleanse. i do it once a year. i have gained some of the weight back but not all. its just been a rough summer for me i guess! gosh its nuts that october is just so sooooon!! eeeek!