Friday, June 11, 2010

Betheny, getting married?

New Bravo show for miss skinny girl Betheny! So now we get more of Betheny - which I love! She is so funny!

Show Quotes:
"both of us would rather be, eating potato skins at a mall" - Betheny about she and Jason dealing with public appearances and fame

"I love how your boobs rest on your belly" - Jason to his prego wife Betheny

"Cookie (the dog), she's such a bitch: - Betheny when her dog attacked intern

"Does Cookie like him?" "Cookie liked him." - Jason and Betheny talking about dog Cookie approving of interns

Fantastic! With this show and Life on the D-List with Kathy Griffin returning next week, I consider my summer to be quite entertaining :)


  1. Has this show been out for a while? How have I missed this? I need to watch asap!

  2. I think that it just started and that this was the first episode! I am not sure what night it actually comes on because Bravo repeats everything!

  3. I LOVE this show. I saw it last night too. I love my DVR and my shows. Bethenny is so funny and original. My favorite line "your apartment? Precious wouldn't live in your old apartment".

  4. I ran in to her in midtown a couple weeks ago. I could not believe how skinny she was. Her baby was only like 3 weeks old and and she looked PERFECT!
    I know the real reason you love her is because you are just drawn to people with that name:-) WE are pretty great!!