Thursday, May 20, 2010


Well, I weighed myself this morning and the scale says I have lost 4 pounds... we'll see what it says tomorrow but that was a great thing to wake up to! I have been eating lots of veggies, fruit and hummus. I have allowed myself some whole wheat mini pitas, orange juice and dark chocolate if I am desperate! LOL. This will have to stop though. Yesterday I ate a whole entire english cucumber by myself - it was really scary! I guess I was hungry or maybe I thought I was but was really just thirsty? I kill myself sometimes! Gah! I will keep you updated on the progress! Also, one thing to note, when you are doing a cleanse, your tongue turns white! Dave told me that it was toxins releasing... interesting!

On another note, today is going to be such a FUN day at work!! I can't reveal all the details but it is something major that involves the foundation and ESPN! Will let you know more soon! :)

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