Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Cleanse

So Dave and I have started 'The Cleanse'.... his is much more invasive as he does't eat for about 12 days straight but instead has to drink this odd liquid mixture. Mine is the whole body cleanse that is sold at GNC and Whole Foods. We both did these cleanses last year and it really is a fantastic thing to do for your body. It kind of gives you the push you need to "start over".

Mine differs from Dave's because the goal is to cut out caffeine and eat things that are easily digested like fruits and vegetables. And of course, drinking lots of water. My cleanse doesn't eliminate eating because I would be a total bear if that were the case! lol. And it lasts longer than Daves, by 2 days.
Above is a picture of what my breakfast, lunch and snack look like.... :) I think by keeping track of this cleanse on my blog, it might help me "be good" and go through it 100% without any cheating! :)

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  1. Dave sent us an email a year or two ago raving about his cleanse. While the benefits sounded great, the concoction, um. . . not so much. Don't think either of us would have the willpower to pull it off. Yours sounds much more do-able. Will be following to see how it goes.