Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tomato, Tom-ah-to

So I saw this technique on Everyday Italian on the Food network (it is my favorite show on there!) It's such a great idea for a last minute meal. Dave loves grape tomatoes so I aways keep them around. I had some artichoke ravioli's from Trader Joe's in the fridge so I popped those into some boiling water. Then in another pan I heated up some olive oil and tossed in some shallots I had in the fridge. Then I put all of the grape tomatoes from the fridge and it took them about 5 minutes to soften up. And then you begin popping them with a fork! You know they are soft enough because when they pop they don't splatter on you! If they do shoot everywhere, they aren't soft enough just yet! Give it some time. So then I threw in some minced garlic, salt and pepper, and some dried basil and voila! Dinner was served! Surprisingly, the popped tomatoes really helped to thicken the sauce and give it some body! It was DELISH. And then I added some grated parm and we were all set. I raved about it. Dave liked it just like he likes anything else lol. But truly, LOVED it! Will make again!

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