Sunday, March 7, 2010

Another Fish Pocket Dinner

I tried my hand at making Ellie Krieger's fish pockets again. I figure you can do this with any kind of white fish and any kind of vegetable! So defrosted some frozen broccoli and peppers and combined them with lemon juice and shallots to place over the fish. I then make boats out of the tin foil and pour 1/2 tb of olive oil, spinkle of salt and pepper, and 2 tb of Trader Joe's chardonnay over the fish and veggies.
This time I used cod but I probably won't do that again... I much preferred the texture of the tilapia. The fish was thicker so instead of taking 15 minutes to cook the frozen pieces of fish - it took 20, which was fine.... 20 minutes to cook dinner is never a bad thing! Ha! Trader Joe's has already cooked brown rice which I tried out. Besides being really sticky it was fast and easy to prepare. The stickiness didn't matter because there is so much juicy sauce from the fish that it completely soaks the rice. I also made a side of carrots. I got the precut snack ones from the store and cooked them in the microwave with water for 2.5 minutes. Then I tossed them with maple syrup - yum.

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