Sunday, January 17, 2010

Edy's Peppermint Icecream

Ahh.... what I look forward to when I think "the holidays"..... EDY'S PEPPERMINT ICECREAM. Heaven in your mouth! But guess who forgot to buy her pint? THIS GIRL! I completely forgot about my favorite holiday dessert, probably because I usually get this as a treat in Kentucky. I can't believe I forgot!! But voila, what do I find in Harris Teeter this afternoon!? Oh but my Edy's.. hurray! And not only did they have the peppermint ice cream but they have it in a 1/2 the fat version which tastes exactly the same! Luckily this limited addition is staying in stores longer than normal this year. Thank goodness!


  1. Delicious!!! I love peppermint ice cream...guess who will buy some asap?!?! THIS GIRL!