Sunday, December 13, 2009

ABC Wednesday Nights

Dave and I LOVE ABC Wednesday Night TV. There are 3 sitcoms, all in a row, that are hilarious! Our favorite at 8:30 is THE MIDDLE. This show has us in stitches! And our favorite character is the youngest of the family, Brick, who repeats himself in whispered tones. The whole show is hysterical. This poor family just can't get it right. The parents are awesome, and of course Patricia from Everybody Loves Raymond, is an awesome mom character. Our second favorite show comes on at 9:00 - MODERN FAMILY. My two favorite characters from this show are the gay dad's with their adopted baby, Lily. The bigger one of the two is SO funny. I watch the show just to see them! Love it.ANd then at 9:30 is Cougar Town with Courtney Cox. She is such a comedian! I'm not sure how long this show will really last but Courtney and her neighbor/best friend make it funny!

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