Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Almost Forgot!

So check out these awesome passes that Dave got for us for a Panthers game! We got to go on field with the players while they were practicing AND we got Suite passes!! The suite was killer and in the picture it almost looks like a green screen is behind us! Really clear photo. Also, our friends were sitting right below us so that made the night fun too! The suite served food and beer all night long. Some of the food was mac n' cheese, sliders, salad, fruit and... krispie kream glazed donuts?? LOL It was definitely geared towards the hungry men in the suite! I think my Dave had 2 plates! :) lol He liked the meatballs the best - they offered mini ones with small hoagie bread, cute. The night was great and I'm not gonna lie, while we were on the field, Steve Smith and I made a connection. YES, a connection. I was sayin Hey to him and waving and he was thinking and not really reacting. And THEN he looks up afterwards and he grins really big and mouths "sorry" - I died. Then our friends yelled out "her number IS, 555-1234!" HA! What a fun night!

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