Monday, August 10, 2009

Zada's J's

I'm sure I've talked about Zada's before but I do LOVE it so! It's around the corner from our house and a huge hit on the weekend for brunch-goers! The food is so unique. It's got a healthy granola-friendly menu but on the other hand it serves breakfast all day and many of the items have a hispanic influence. If you live in Charlotte, hit this place up. Try the Hummus Frummus for lunch which is taboulet, a house salad, and pita wedges served with red pepper hummus. I highly recommend the peppery herb vinaigarette, it is my absolute FAVORITE. Dave and I love their spin on nachos. They use lots of blackbeans with cooked veggies with queso and guac over some black bean chips! They also have a different quesadilla which includes black beans, monteray jack cheese and SWEET POTATOES. Love it. They have killer biscuits and a yummy shrimp and grits. So go there, you won't be disappointed! :)

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