Monday, July 6, 2009

Cold Sore 'Drams'.

Why oh why did I have to be one, in the 60% of people that have cold sores all their lives, and two, this cold sore choose to attack me when I have an interview tomorrow?? Really? Now?? How so not convenient! My lip looks like a beluga whale.

This all started yesterday. For those cold sore experts out there like myself, we KNOW that ITCH! And lucky for me, I was in the middle of no where and left all my lovely remedies at home.

So... TODAY... here is what I am doing to get it to go the heck away.... ODing on Lysine suppliments. NOT eating peanut butter or drinking coffee. Coating the sore with Abreva. Icing the swelling. Drinking vitamin C and LOTS OF WATER!

Please pray that this subsides before tomorrow and that if it doesn't.... pray that they still hire me!!!

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