Monday, June 29, 2009


Wow. Crazy how you don't miss someone til they're gone, right?
So I know I haven't written anything about his death yet but it's only because so many other people have (it is literally on every other tv station, all day long).
Anyway, my question is, when did you first hear MJ? In my case, my parents introduced me to his music. I had this walkman tape player that I'd take outside with me and dance around in the backyard (yup, I was just that cool). My two first cassette tapes in general were BAD and the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. Two classics if I do say so myself.
Michael was an incredible artist. And I mean, who doesn't love the Jackson 5? And who doesn't tap their foot to Thriller??
I'd have to say that Man in the Mirror (the fans are nuts in this video) was my favorite song of his. Second to that would be Black or White. It's great how we get to hear all his hits again now, I mean I think he has topped the billboard charts this week. And I am glad I get to hear them through the TV because it is going to be awhile until I can get my hands on a CD of his as his albums have completely jumped the shelves this week!
I do wonder what will happen next - will there be an even worse ending to all of this with a murder or even an OD? And who will be the first to recognize him with a concert on TV inviting every and all muscians to sing his songs? I'm looking forward to seeing that. We'll see how this all unfolds but until them, just jam out and relive those moments.


  1. I just hope his family doesn't turn his funeral into a 3 ring circus! The Jackson family tends to be a bit outrageous and I can see them monopolizing on this tragedy. Hopefully they prove me wrong!!

    I just tagged you on my blog BTW! Stop on by if you're up a photo story game!

  2. Okay. I was such a HUGE MJ fan. I actually cried because Jennie texted me the news and I was sitting in the stands waiting for Abb's swim practice to end. It's like part of my history is gone. He was everything I listened to in the '80s and early '90s. Then I met Dave and went British! I am hoping he is at peace now. He always had so much pressure and his family made him grow up too quickly, I think. Aunt Angie:)