Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Away We Go

So this movie was great. And according to IMDB, a lot of other people liked it too! It was an artistic one which I find slow at some points but it incorporated all kinds of emotions and... Alison Janney (you know, the mom, from JUNO - love. her.) Away we go is a sweet summer film. It's about this couple who become pregnant in their 30's and decide they need to find a new place to live as the no one is holding them back from doing so. They basically are trying to start over somewhere new, somewhere where they can raise their baby girl. It's a sweet story and they learn a lot about other people, how not to raise their baby, and a lot about one another. If you've got some time on a sizzling hot summer afternoon to step inside to catch a flick, this one's a good pick!

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