Thursday, May 28, 2009

To teach pre k or not to teach pre k, that is the question

While babysitting over the past couple of weeks I got to talk to moms about how much they pay for their children to attend Pre K.  They said $175 a week which calculates out to $5.50/hr. per teacher - hours are approx. 9-1 pm. 


Oh no no no I thought to myself. So with that said, I am thinking about doing K-6 now because with the public school system I can get paid what I want to get paid. I know I will still be certified to teach Kinergarten but what if the school I want to teach at is only hiring 1st grade teachers?  i'd be stuck.  I know I need to look into this further because I am certain that all pre K pay is not the same, but still, WHOA! C'mon now! 

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