Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jon and Kate plus 8 minus 1

I am so sad about Jon and Kate. I just think the media can make you so self conscious and crazy that you forget the real meaning of things.  I liked Kate at first, I admired her for being so organized and taking on so many children.  She is definitely a type A, always right, personality. While Jon is laid back and just does what he is told- sometimes. haha. We all know when he doesn't do what he is told! So being a fan of the show it was really sad to watch this week's episode. I felt bad for the kids beause they knew daddy wasn't living at home anymore. And how hard does Jon really have it because he said himself, he quit his job two years ago to stay at home with the kids while Kate promoted her book. I think he is lazy and not a go getter. I think a girl paid attention to him and he fell for it. Kate is not forgiving so I think the big D is on the way and she even said so on the show. The magazines are calling her a Monster but I think the root of the problem is- Pay attention to your husband!!! She wouldn't even cry on camera because she didn't want to ruin her makeup. Self conscious? She's been warped. Another blogger describes Kate by her 'hair personality' .I thought that was so right on. Apparently people call her stylist all the time to ask for her cut (what are they thinking and who ARE these people??) Like my friend Lauren said last night, Kate's hair is a reversed mullet! I like to call it the bird. Cause you don't know whats on top, looks like a nest. Regardless, heinous beyond believe. I hope things work out for them but there definitely needs some intervention and I think that Kate needs a big smack across the face. She is the blame. 

ps. did you know their new house (paid for by tlc of course) cost 1.2 mil?? 

pps. did you know that kate has disowned her girlfriends because tlc wanted to pay them a salary too? she said no. kate rules all. (not known fact, just gossip with the girls BUT still, if true - aweful!) 

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