Sunday, May 24, 2009

GMR cupcakes

So my old gig asked me to make cupcakes for the races in May. I think they turned out pretty cute but how can you not be a fan of chocolate and pastel colors? We decided to go with this and top it with one edible silver ball because GMR's logo is yellow and gray. We thought this would incorporate the logo look the best. I mean, who wants to eat gray icing? hahaha. Or even worse, gray cake?? ewww. Would you believe that these silver balls cost $11 bucks a jar? Unreal! Anyways, I do not do custom orders but since my old job was so good to me, I made an acception. 


  1. I did eat one of these and they were fantastic!! oddly enough I saw these silver balls in the grocery store the other day and looked SO EXPENSIVE. I think they were 6.99 at harris teeter something like that. they do add a nice touch!! hope you got my $$$$

  2. HA! I did FINALLY ya slow poke! Thanks! :) Glad you liked. Yea those things are too expensive. Stick to the sprinkles.