Saturday, April 25, 2009

G-Dub-Ya Finz

For my Birthday dinner, Dave took me to GW Fins and it was DELICIOUS. This is the only picture I could find of us from the night because after a full day of boozing at the FQ Fest - we were completely tuckered out during dinner - and passed out shortly after. We had the lobster appetizer, which we split. I was famished at that point so it went down QUICK! Ha! They also bring your cheese biscuits and boy were they good! I had the yellow beet salad with blue cheese (thought I would try something different!) and the Sea Bass for my main course. The chilean sea bass was delish and was surrounded by a yummy sauce that had a little spice and some bok choy. For dessert, they gave us the molten chocolate cake with a chocolate written "Happy Birthday"! Yum! They even had Kris wine which is a family favorite and you really do need to have Pinot Grigio with fish. Also, with a birthday the restaurant puts confetti on the table and your very own customized menu with your name, the date and a happy birthday message to take home with you. It was a great experience and not too too heavy on the belly!

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