Friday, April 24, 2009

Commander's Palace - HOLY MOLY

We had my Birthday Brunch at Commander's Palace which is this incredibly LARGE restaurant with incredibly great staff and views! I was really excited because I do love some brunch! From the menu you picked an entree which included an appetizer and dessert - wowza! So Beth and I split their Crisp Romaine salad with "pressed egg" which I was a little concerned about, not being an egg fan, but it turned out A-ok! Then I got the trio of soups which was great because you can try out all of their soups. I'd never had turtle soup and I just LOVED IT. Out of all three, it was the best! Must be the sherry! Also included were gumbo and a crawfish bisque. There was plenty to share with Dave too! For my entree I had the BBQ Shrimp over whipped brie grits, yum. Then for dessert I had ordered the strawberry short cake however it changed during the time I ordered to when it came to the table to a very rich but delicious cheese cake! I'm not a huuuuge cheese cake fan but I must say, I do love the crust and the carmel topping! This also came with a candle! :)

It was really need because on Sundays for brunch Commanders fills thier place with balloons and being the B-day girl I got my very own set of balloons and the chef's hat seen above! With the jazz brunch comes a band and they go around playing for each table and take requests along the way. Of course they played the Happy Birthday song to me and then they played Wonderful World for us all!

We had three hours of fun there and Beth's Birthday gift for me to open that morning had been a signed Commander's cookbook! Really neat to look back and see what all we ate and perhaps Iw ill challenge myself in the future! Ha! As seen above, John and Hannah went home with left overs wrapped in a swan and crab! Really cute!

Sadly, I could not bring my chef's hat home with me but I think I will meet up with it later in the summer when we see Dave's parents!

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