Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cupcake Catastrophe.

So I'm still practicing with my cupcakes but selling them too. The business has been great - averaging about two orders a week. But it has been a little stressful. It's alot of trial and error and learning from mistakes as you make them. For instance, last night was the first time I'd cut the recipes down into a 1/4 of their original size. So that was experimental and I came up short one chocolate cupcake. My vanilla cupcake wrappers came lose... and I researched it... apparently they come lose if you leave the cupcakes in too long or not long enough; the mixture is off; or you remove them from the pan too soon. Why they got a steamed facial? My guess is that the baking powder was a bit off in measurement. It was just an off night all together :/ I had typed up all of my recipes and left out SUGAR from my chocolate cake batter. Who does that? Thank god I've got taste buds! I think I may be ADD. Please send help, or a massage therapist!

Vacation countdown: 3 days.

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  1. Thanks for your sweet comment! The cakepops weren't too hard - they took about an hour for 36, so definitely doable!