Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Birthday Countdown...

My birthday is on Friday. It's not a big one but it is a Birthday - and I LOVE Birthdays haha. I am so lucky to say that Dave and I are going to New Orleans for the weekend, a 4-day weekend to be exact :)

First stop for the Birthday train was.. home!

We did the whole step-mom/dad dinner gig on Friday night. It was pouring down rain but fun all the while! I had a pear martini - delish! And for dessert they offered a chocolate cake with chocolate sorbet and a blood orange sauce... I coulda done without the dinner and gone straight to dessert!
I was so looking forward to getting to Jcrew on Saturday... I knew they had sale items and I was GOING TO take one home with me if it was the last thing I did!!! I was disappointed though, I only left with one thing but it's okay because I am going to hit up BOTH Charlotte stores! lol. Got these cute shorts... not too shaby, were $70 and I got them for $32
After shopping we went to see Monsters vs Aliens (it was really the only good movie option to see!). It was "ok", definitely not a Wall-e or a Shrek. It was, however in 3-D which made it pretty cool! :)
Then for Easter Sunday, which really, I wasn't into Easter at all this year - kinda sad but definitely a true statement - Dave and I went to Zada Janes for Brunch. It was DELISH and I had their special that day, a salmon cake over grits (which I am really picky about) with a yum-o sauce and black eyed pea relish. Their side salad and pepper vinaigarette were to die for too! The inside was really cool - they had a nice bar and on Wednesday nights their special is 1/2 off a bottle of wine! All in all, I am going to be going there a lot more often I think! :)

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