Wednesday, March 25, 2009


So I've been trying to drop some weight over the past month by taking work out classes and eating smaller portioned meals. To help aid this venture I ate SmartOnes meals by WeightWatchers. I thought they were tasty and high in fiber (always a plus) until about a month ago.... do not, whatever you do, do NOT try these two meals - Potato and Broccoli/Santa Fe Chicken. I could barely chew through the chicken and the other just had no taste what so ever. Terrible! Lean Cuisines are far better but far more caloric and contain less fiber. After my cancer research I am now calling it quits on both brands and diet foods and instead hitting up Trader Joe's instead for some Amy's burritos and fresh produce!

Here's a tid bit for you:

Studies show that preservatives and chemicals are a source of serious health issues, including undue stress, accelerated aging, and weight gain.
You'll find these 'bad guy' ingredients in:
Diet soda, juices, drink mixes, processed tea drinks
Prepackaged dinners or frozen meals.
Conventional cookies (non-organic)
Diet foods

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