Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Monogram & Martini's

So I passed by a store last week and saw that they were advertising "Monogramming and Martini's"... I'm not sure why or what it had to do with but I texted my friend Ashley who is very crafty and told her we needed to throw a Monogram & Martini Party! I thought perhaps each girl could bring two glasses and monogram a martini glass of their own with paint provided by the "oh so crafty Ashley". And then of course drink Martini's as well.. I'm really fond of both the Key Lime Pie Martini (YUM) with a graham cracker edge OR the Oprah Pomegranate Martini (instant health pleaser).

SO, since then, I found out what the original idea was: On Thursday, head over to Handpicked from 5 to 7 pm for Martinis and Monograms to celebrate the launch of the new Handpicked Monogram Collection. Martinis are free and you’ll receive a free gift with every purchase. Martinis are yummy. - awesome but unfortunately missed out on that one!

So now... we have embarked on a Monogram and Martini Googling Search. Apparently it is the "new craze" of bridal/baby shower themes! AMAZING. Now all we need is a friend to get married or pop out a baby so we can throw her one of these! I couldn't think of anything more fun that that (not the popping out the baby part but the shower throwing part)! I mean who doesn't obsess over their new monogram or the new baby's monogram even?! I just need an excuse to go shopping I suppose lol. Apparently there is also a "Monogram & Mimosas Shower" for morning time vs the martini hour which is probably more geared towards night showers! Neat!

Look at this adorable invite from a Savannah redhead's blog

I could do without the green and pink but apparently this Bride is Preppy! I would be more partial to a lime or apple green and black invite I think.

If you are looking to monogram in Charlotte, Alphabet Soup is a good place to go, OR if you're elsewhere and even in Charlotte, Swoozies is my favorite!

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  1. Thanks for featuring my invitation! Let me know if you even want to place an order! :) Glad you like Swoozie's, too. I'm their senior designer!