Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gosh I Love TV

Dancing with the Stars is BACK!

If you didn't catch it last night, you must start watching DWTS! MELISSA from the Bachelor and HOLLY from the Girls Next Door took the place of Jewel and Nancy O'Dell!

My favorite is definitely the Bachelor's Melissa because she really deserves this win! The girl has had enough humiliation on TV to last a life time! Plus - she is REALLY GOOD. Steve-O will be silly to watch so that will add to the shows' ratings. And I have a feeling there may be a good fight between Julianne Hough and her honey.... who is very easy on the eyes, might I add! But really, can they compete together? I just don't think so. I hope that the dancers will get better as the show goes on. I was so disappointed last night - everyone seemed to be walking on egg shells! Terrible! Hopefully they will gain confidence and let loose over time! :)

Also, the Today show is doing a HILARIOUS segment this week that I suggest, you watch! Today they were showing dogs. Meredith won because this was her dog's last show and she was wearing the appropriate attire! haha. AND even better - tomorrow they are painting a nude model! Should be funny!!!

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