Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Valentine's Day Fun

Oh Valentine's Day! So much huff for something you do daily - LOVE! But I'm not one to talk, I'm a huge fan of the day! Anything with cute cards and gifts - count me in!

My aunt sent me this great link yesterday which is on Talbot's website. Who knew that Talbots had a humorous side?? The site is loaded with hilarious Valentine's Day gift mishaps (by MEN, of course)! http://www1.talbots.com/valentines/?hbcmp=EMC-20090202_FebBk_1_TC&hbatt=Vale


Another great Valentine's day doo-hicky is my favorite computer wallpaper website, Kate.net. Hit her up for some cute Holiday wallpapers and screensavers! I have the Gerber Daisy one as my background now! http://www.kate.net/holidays/valentine/wallpapers.html

Bed Head Pajamas

Who doesn't love a great pair of 'jams?! My aunt Leslie and I adore Bed Head's PJ's ... and so does Oprah! If SHE loves, it MUST be good, right?! :) Check out their sale on these cheeky V-day Jams! http://www.bedheadpjs.com/shopping/ItemDetail.aspx?NcIctId=1&NcFsId=137

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