Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"Cardigans." "Come again?" "You heard it, cardigans."

Talk about a walk back in time! What is it with all these Golden Girls cardigans?? I suppose there are a few things appealing about them. They are long in length which is slimming and they come in all sorts of fun colors at J.Crew, such as lemon grass yellow!
With that said, I just can't believe the power of this cardigan! It's taken over all of my favorite shopping spots so I am going to have to join the cardi-craziness or move aside! I did see, in January, a great combo utilizing the cardigan.... it was paired with a graphic tee, a pocket mini-skirt, and a long chunky necklace - v. cute! (Sigh) I might as well join the club... my grandmother Geoghegan would be proud - she was a cardigan-lover!

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