Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bottle of Red Wine and the Grammys (this is a long one guys)

Ok so here are my notes while watching the Grammy's last night along side a big glass of 2 Buck Chuck!

1_I am astonished. I cannot believe how Timberlake (out of 5 he's my number one celeb crush cause hes HILARIOUS), Al Green, and Keith Urban just threw their "Lets Stay Together" performance, together! I heard Rihanna was in the slot and they just asked them last minute to perform. Amazing, they are true artists.

2_I completely agree with saying that Miley was dressed well for 16 and was stunning at the Grammys. The girl is finally getting her act together as a role model for young girls. It's probably Taylor Swifts' influence. Shes a cutie! And I loved their duo of Fifteen! Speaking of friends of Taylor's (great name, its my middle!), I just adore Carrie Underwood and I thought she had the BEST dress on of anyone, adorable! (Dave and his roommate Josh don't mind her too much either lol, boys!)

3_I got really excited about Coldplay performing and winning a grammy. They are just in their own genre of music, theres no one like them. And because when i saw them in concert 3 yrs ago, i cried because it was the best concert I had ever seen. It took my friend Leah just after her mom passed and i feel like we both had a serious revelation that night. Not to mention Leah almost peed her pants in the car on the way home and we had to use togo cups as a bathroom - embarrassin'! hahaha. I won't ever forget that.

4_Couldn't believe Whitney Houston's looks. Althought what she said was a lot of blah, she atleast doesnt look like Skelator anymore and has gotten rid of that terrible Bobby. She was seen in this dress the night before and I love it!

5_Loved seeing Jennifer Hudson but I still just feel so bad for she and her family. :( And I just knew she'd start crying at the end of her performance because she has had such an over whelming year, poor girl!

6_Loved (again and again yes i know) American Boy with Estelle and Kanye. I remember hearing that for the first time on XM, its catchy! And its so true, "take me to NY, I'd love to see LA" (Dave is booty dancing on me as I am typing this lol), take me, I'm game! By the way, WHAT was going on with Kanye's hair?? A lil too Michael J in the day for this girl!

7_Adele!!! How excited am i?! I think she is super and finally a larger girl doin it up! Her song is just awesome and her video is really moving. Check it out, Chasing Pavements. Apparently Adele went outside and smoked a cig after winning in the port-a-john outside!

8_How can you go wrong with Kenny Chesney? His voice is never going to get old. Plus, he loves St. John's and in Dave's book, that is a great quality to have. And because I like the people that Dave likes, Kennys got it going on (well, he does with or without that lil point) ;) And need I mention that Dave just said, "gah dam* Kenny you are da man!".

9_Appauled by MIA and her pregnant belly on stage. Apparently see was due that day and there she was on stage in that OUTFIT. I mean I understand going through with a performance but that outfit? ewww. She looked like a ladybug.

10_Okay so finally gonna go lay down and listen to my girls Adele and Sugar Land (I don't see Dave anywhere, something tells me he is watching Flight of the Concords!) Night!

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