Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Bachelor Jason

So last night Dave (yes, DAVE) and I got sucked into The Bachelor! I had watched a few times before to see all the not so great girls get eliminated and last night it was down to the final 3. Dave and I were convinced he was going to keep Jillian because she seemed to have a good head on her shoulders, good looks, and I thought that she was the most motherly out of all of the girls!

I loved watching the show with Dave because he gave a "man's perspective" on things! I liked the Molly chick and how up front she was with Jason - making her own rules, etc. I thought they were a bit awkward together though. And Dave thought she came off as a kook! haha.

My FAVORITE is Melissa and I'm convinced that with Jillian gone, he is going to pick her! She is adorable, has a great personality, and from the looks of the next episode, she gets a long with Ty really well! She is my age though and I can't imagine jumping into motherhood like that BUT... we'll see! Can't wait until next Monday!! :)
Oh and PS. I really wish they'd get some curvacious girls on there... they'd probably have way better personalities!

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