Monday, September 22, 2014

New Job

Welp, I have almost survived a month at the new job. It has taken some time but I think I have finally gotten my schedule down. Sorry for being MIA - it's just that the last thing I wanted to do when I got home from work was get on a computer. I know, cry me a river.

So, Lowe's is good. The campus is beautiful. I am sitting outside right now in the fallish 70 degree weather. Here is a view from inside my building. There's a nice lake that goes around the building with a walking path, a bridge, a zen garden, a water fall, etc. I've been really bad at working through lunch and just eating at my desk. So this week I vowed to step AWAY from that routine and blog during my lunch breaks.... or go to Target, depending on the day and how much moolah I have in the bank ;) haha.

So starting a new job is hard. It's a whole lot of information and new people at once. You want to know how to do everything right away but that is not possible. People are already friends so you have to slowing inch your way into the circle. Everything is new. The drive, the hours, the building, the work attire, etc. I have been fortunate enough that I knoew a few people from one of my past jobs. They've stopped by and said hello and one even works across from me. I've been really fortunate that I've gotten a nice cube, a nice team, and certainly nice office supplies! I had to bring my own supplies at my old job. I even got a fancy new laptop that my team is really jealous of! Haha. One great thing is if you forget your lunch, they have an awesome and super tasty cafeteria. They have two salad bars and getting a salad and a drink will only cost you $3.50. That's a deal. Or if you are freezing cold in your cube and are going for stick to your ribs kind of food - they offer hot lunches like pizza, pasta, burgers, and my personal favorite last week, shepherds pie. Someone said to me "this food really put you in your happy place." Yep. It did.  It was SO good and just what I needed on a cold dreary day! Here is a photo, trust me, it doesn't do it justice because Shepherd's pie is one of those things that tastes good but doesn't look pretty.

Here's a pic coming in on campus one morning. Yes, I was driving and taking a photo at the same time. Woops.

There's top notch security here too. You get a "puck" to get through the gate on campus and then you have to wear your badge everything to move around the building. If you walk outside, good luck getting back in because you'll need your badge for that! :) I don't know WHO would be dumb enough not to know that their first week..... ;)

The drive is definitely new to me. I went from a 5 minute commute to a 35 minute commute which can sometimes be a 45 minute commute or even an hour on a super bad day. So this means earlier mornings and later evenings. To adjust, I made freezer meals and soups.... am listening to Today show on Sirius in the AM and Oprah in the PM.... and I'm doing the T25 workout when I get home to get energy out after sitting on my bum in the car for so long.  It's nice after my work out to pop dinner in the oven, take a shower, get in my PJs, eat, catch up with Dave and watch something on the DVR.

So, in a nutshell, that's life surrounding the new job. Nothing too exciting but definitely an adjustment!

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  1. Congrats on the new job! I'm happy to hear you like the food. The company that I work for is the provider (Eurest)! Of course I work on the corporate side and am certainly not a professional chef!