Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hello, Wednesday!

Last night I read Gone Girl for about two hours and boy has it really done a 180! It is SO good! I highly recommend it!

Last night I also made korean beef tacos topped with cabbage and a greek yogurt sauce.... but, it didn't turn out nearly as great as it sounded.... ugh. So I won't be sharing that recipe with you all anytime soon!

Right now I am waiting for the power to come back on at my work. They sent us all home to work remotely, which I can't do because the server is down. The building closed and now they are saying it won't take all day for the power to be restored - instead, it should come back on at noon. Odd. The entire grid around us downtown is out - should be interesting. The worst part is the summer heat! Fshew, no AC is NO JOKE!

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