Thursday, May 1, 2014

So behind!

Hello! Oh my goodness! Things have been SO busy!
We had a fun weekend last weekend! We tried out a new place in our good called pizza was DELICIOUS... Dave got the chicken sandwich with homemade chips and a yummy dip!

I got their gluten free pizza. It's the best I've had! I got the red and white pizza which had sundried tomatoes and ricotta cheese.

We also split the peel salad that was AMAZING.

Earlier that day my friend Ashley and I went to the Farmer's Market. They always have beautiful bouquets of flowers that are hard to resist.

This is a sign that summer is around the corner!

I got a TON of veggies for just $10! The prices are ridiculous.

Dave and I have been looking at plant options for the front of the house. While at the nursery I saw these cute fairy gardens! A girl and her mom were putting theirs together while we were there. It was sweet.

And on Sunday Funday I got up watch this lil lady! We had a good time!

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