Monday, April 21, 2014

San Diego (Part 3)

Welp, the day after the wedding I was barely mobile. I was over served ;)

We checked out the Gas Lamp district of San Diego which was cool. It's packed with bars but neither of us were interested in that! haha

We also checked out Laguna while there. You know, like on the show The Hills..... we wanted to find Lauren Conrad but, no dice. The shops were really neat there though!

From there we headed to New Port which I would totally skip if I were you. It had a weird jersey shore feel.

We did see this there though.... which was pretty amazing.

We went back to Del Mar which was our favorite spot by far and got dinner at Poseidon. It's located right on the beach and was delicious! This was our view during dinner....

It was a great way to end our trip :)

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