Sunday, March 23, 2014

This TV Junkie

With all the stress at work lately I have been watching so much TV and well, sleeping! But that's okay - I'm just focused on keeping myself healthy and happy!

This weekend I watched Frozen (twice!), Lindsay, and Southern Charm.

Obviously the best and most favorite of this lovely viewing selection was Frozen - LOVE love love it. Of course I have watched it twice now - it's just so cute and I love the music! If you haven't seen it, check out your movies on demand!

I also checked out Southern Charm on BRAVO. It was amusing. Dramatic as all Bravo shows are so of course it sucked me in haha. 

I also checked out Oprah's new show - documentary - about Lindsay Lohan.... who of course is a train wreck. It does make it clear how young actors become so warped because of the media and papparazzi making them think twice about every small decision in life.

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