Thursday, January 9, 2014

Holidays: Part 1

We had a blast over Christmas/New Year with both of our families!

We started out in High Point with my parents....

We enjoyed Christmas Eve at the High Point Country Club and boy was it packed! The food was really good though since we all weren't absolutely starving and just picked at items on the buffet.

Here are Dad and Shirley in front of the Club's tree.

Me and Dave. Don't judge me, my hair wasn't agreeable - it started off rough but got better over new years.... with more products of course.

Mmmmm nothing like breakfast at a local diner to get your day goin!

We enjoyed lunch (aren't the holidays all about food anyway?) at Old-Salem. It was my request as I hadn't been there for years! It's a Moravian settlement in Winston-Salem. They make

We ate at Old Salem Tavern. Yummmm.

They offered a warm cocktail with their homemade apple cider. It was really good and all you needed was one!

Salem College

Santa was our driver :)

My two guys

This is no average Christmas tree.... it has REAL BURNING CANDLES ON IT. Talk about fire hazard!?We had to see it to believe it. It is at our friends home and apparently this is how they do Christmas lights in Switzerland. They have been doing this tradition for about 50 years now. The couple was so easy going about the tree that Dave and I felt like we couldn't take our eyes off of it!

My dad made a video of our time there. Here is the link. Turn up your volume for the pretty music. Have you ever heard of Magisto? It's an app for movie making. I recommend it! Also please note the Christmas lights in the video - my parents and their neighbors really go all out in the culdesac. 

We got some great gifts from Dad and Shirley but the biggest gift of all was a brand new camera! We really needed a new one!

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