Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekend in Pictures

We started our Saturday off with iced coffees and catching up on Homeland. Then Dave really wanted to go to his favorite place, Brio, for lunch. He ordered the below chicken and penne pasta. 

I got the salmon salad with potato sticks, asparagus and feta. It was really good - I loved the dressing.

Then we went by to see our friend's the Davey's new abode. They have done so much work to it and it looks great! 

From there we went to see this little munchkin, baby Savannah, who is a week old today! 

From there we went to our friend's house, the Gomez's, because they were having an impromptu bouncy house party for the kiddos. Apparently wife Lauren got a free bouncy house through work! They found out they are expecting their second baby this week so it was fun to tell them congratulations! And Lauren made some fantastic cocktails, per usual, by mixing apple cider and champagne! Yum yum!

On Sunday we ran some errands! We had our first Costco experience. Dave was not a fan however I was amazed by all the deals! We are still contemplating membership. We of course went to Lowe's for odds and ends, Harris Teeter (which made me feel robbed per usual), did lunch at Moe's (which I am starting not to like because we are such Chipotle fans) and then stopped off at the farmers market to get some fall decorations!

This farmers market used to only be open on certain days of the week but noooow they're open 7 days a week, 8:00am-8:00pm!!

Of course we had to get two mums. They were cheaper than the pumpkins! $3.99/each! The yellow ones are my favorite. 

I'm a big fan of the green and white pumpkins. Unfortunately they are more expensive than the orange lol. Since we don't have children yet, we don't carve pumpkins! Luckily I have these cute lanterns from Target that cover the jack-o-lantern look for Halloween night ;) When we got home I made some chili and watched last season's walking dead.... and then dreamt about zombies..... I don't recommend watching, on a full belly, and falling asleep! haha.

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