Thursday, October 3, 2013

E2: Anniversary Dinner

We celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary at Emeril's Charlotte restaurant called e2. Here's the linky link.

Of course my lovely hubby called ahead and told them it was our anniversary and since it was a Wednesday night, the place was ours!

They first brought out cornbread which was okay. But then they brought out potato bread which was amazing. I spoiled myself and had one bite to check it out - it was like heaven. This restaurant offers a gluten free menu by the way!

For starters we split the house salad and got the andoulle sausage and boudin sausage appetizer (I am sure I have misspelled these words) which was served with black eyed peas.

I am going to start cutting my carrots this small. They were delightful.

For the main course I ordered Shrimp and Grits.... my favorite! I even brought half home with me! It was topped with these long mushrooms and onions and corner and pure heaven!

Dave ordered the trout with came with two large pieces, black kale, and potatoes. He loved it.

They offered us a dessert menu but we were stuffed.... so they brought us a cute decorated plate with grapefruit sorbet to share. So sweet! The service, just like at Emeril's in New Orleans, was impeccable. We had not one but two waiters... and the manager.... working with us. We felt very special!

And we forgot to take a picture at dinner so in classic Dave and Emily fashion we took one in the parking garage on our way home lol.

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