Friday, September 27, 2013

Still here!

I'm still here and recovering... Slowly but surely! I'm trying to walk around house more and I've had a shower...both big accomplishments! Dave came home yesterday looking like this from a work "field trip". His team was called "Drunk Dynasty" lol!

I've been pampered by my amazing mother in law. She brought me fruit, tea, Capri suns, apple juice... And love! I think her toughest job was keeping Brees away from me lol. Little fur ball loves to jump! Beth even made dinners for us and froze them! She pampered Dave too with his favorite meal, Red Beans and Rice!

My friends have been so sweet! I've had several visitors, funny cards, flowers, food, gifts, and more delivered! I feel so loved! :)

Not gonna lie, I am a little worried about going to work on Monday based on how I feel today but I still have two more days so we will see! Only time will tell I guess. I've gotta try wearing real clothes and sitting in a car! To be continued....

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